Who are responsible for sparking up the AbbaFever?
Here are the answers!

I have mostly my music teacher to thank,
for the fact that I can earn my crust as
a singer today. Since 1990, I have turned my passion into a career, and it's the tastiest crust of bread I've ever eaten! During this time, I have sung for "Cliff Richard", "Bobby Kimball", "Sarah Brightman", "Chicago", "Beatrice Egli" and many, many other great artists.

I have known
AbbaFever for many years. The fact that I'm now a permanent member of this wonderful family fills me with joy!
I love my life in the country, surrounded by my little animals and my beautiful garden. There is (almost) nothing more lovely than to enjoy the first rays of sunshine in the garden, and to spend lots of time with friends. Oh yes, and - I may be small, but my heart is pure, as soon as I've grown up, then, watch out - on your marks, get set - GO! ;-)

Isobel was born and brought up in the Welsh city of Swansea, UK.
Coming from a family background of educators, and having a mother who is both a singer/musician and also a retired primary school teacher meant that the home environment was always packed with fun things - hand-puppets, books, colourful hand drawn or painted pictures, musical instruments, above all, for every occasion - from morning 'til bedtime, a song! This environment has had a clear influence on Isobel.

She has a passion for music and creative arts, and a joy for working with children. She is fortunate to have had the opportunity to successfully follow both pathways. She is an accomplished singer/musician and performer.

In 2002 her own concert-show, ABBAMANIA played for five months in the Strand Theatre, London West End, in which she took the lead part. This consequently went on to tour Europe and beyond. Career highlights also include sell out shows in venues such as the Cologne Arena, and many radio and television appearances, including a ZDF ABBA special, sharing the screen with Björn Ulvaeus.
If there's anyone who knows ABBA's vocal harmonies, then it's definitely Isobel Meyer-Davies. Together with Anja Bublitz,
AbbaFever sounds better than ever!

Since early 2017, Merih
Aktoprak has stepped into
Benny Andersson's shoes! A woman sitting at the piano, in an ABBA show? Can that really work? Of course it works - and Benny's shoes fit her perfectly! Merih Aktoprak studied piano at the Musician's Institute L.A., California, specialising in popular music. On graduating, she was even awarded the coveted prize for being the "Outstanding student of the year"!
When Merih plays a solo, the listener hopes it will never end. Beautiful and perfect. Her musical ability spans a broad spectrum of styles, her versatility is unique. Merih has also appeared, amongst others, in Lena Meyer-Landruth's band- another Eurovision winner! "My mother loves ABBA's music! I love ABBA's music! Now I am part of one of the most successful ABBA tribute shows in Europe. ABBA's music is very challenging.

I'm really pleased that
AbbaFever place more value on quality, rather than on wigs and stick-on beards. I feel very well looked after in the big 'Fever Family'." :-)
Hello my lovelies! My name
is Johannes, and I joined
AbbaFever in 2014. I am the baby of the band!!

Taking part in
AbbaFever is a real highlight for me. However, the real highlight in my life are my wife, and my "2014 offspring" - MY baby! :-) Already, the little sprout is probably one of the biggest ABBA fans ever! Before becoming a husband, father, and now, a member of the "Fever Family", my singing career took me all over the world.

I began my classical vocal training at the age of fourteen, which was crowned by a successfull graduation in Musical Theatre in Hamburg. Since then, I have experienced many special moments, in a variety of theatres and musicals. Most recently, I toured Europe as a member of "The 12 Tenors" ensemble.
I'm really looking forward to the time with
AbbaFever, and I'm proud to belong to the coolest Abba tribute in the world!

- See you soon! -

On 18th May, 1965, Axel drew his first breath - a new Taurean Bull was born!!
On his 11th birthday, it happened - his first guitar! A small step for Axel, but a
musical milestone for the rest of the world! The guitar, by all appearances, was rather small (however, quite suitable for Axel's size at the time..) Predictions by his mother and grandmother were - "Oooh, he won't be doing it for long, anyway..." - how wrong they were!!!

From quite early on, Axel noticed how the music of ABBA invoked a very special reaction from the public. Still today, he is impressed at how catchy and playful their complex, intelligently arranged compositions sound. To play a part in the recreation of this sound, live on stage, never fails to be a great experience for him! "A good evening concert is full compensation for all the hectic goings on of the day before." For Axel, it's the "cherry on the cake".

Axel loves the stage, so it is hardly surprising that he is a beloved colleague in many bands on the Hamburg scene. He also does regular studio work, in his role as either guitarist, singer, and also producer.

My name is Rainer, single,
born on October 1st 1968 in
Hamburg, and I am one of the founders of ABBAFEVER. This happened at the beginning of this millennium. I've been playing the percussion- instruments for more than 20 years. Beside the cool beats and the real ABBA-groove, I see to the singing-harmonies in the band, which is not unimportant in ABBA's music.
Most of all I start to gush, when I hear the two singers Barbara and Anja – can respect to the music of ABBA be shown in a better way than that?! I can only recommend a visit to one of our concerts, so that the music of ABBA will play an important part in your life, too.
Greetings, Rainer.

P.S. Thanks a lot and especially lots of greetings to all the fans of

Heiko Behrendt began playing the guitar at the age of twelve. It wasn’t until he
reached the age of nineteen that he became convinced that being a Bass player was
the way forward, and so, his electric guitar was banished to the corner forever...(his hands are too big and his fingers too long!!!) Finally, he had to ask himself the following question: Go to university, or become a professional musician? He decided to go to university, and now, during his spare time, Heiko is Managing Director of an event agency and an IT company in Hamburg. "It was only as I started to become more intensively acquainted with the music of ABBA that I became a real fan. Today, I love the music of the four Swedes, and I enjoy every performance."

A bad atmosphere when Heiko's around? Impossible! Heiko loves life, people, and music. He is a perfectionist, who also likes to let his hair down every once in a while!!!!!

He never appears with AbbaFever - it's when he performs with DISCOLICIOUS
that he takes the reigns, bringing his skill and versatility to the centre of the
action on stage. Stefan Wolter.......a 100% member of the Fever Family.

IStefan has the media sector completely in his possession: Be it either as "Stefan Wahnsinn" in the 80's, or casting his Nordic charm over the Frankonians as radio DJ in Bamberg (1989), as voice-over artist for television and radio commercials, as music producer, as radio host "Dr. Beat" (Delta Radio, Kiel / Fun Fun Radio 95.0, Hamburg) as warm up man (ARD The Quiz / NDR Quiz Show / SAT1 VERA am Mittag), or as an eloquent front man for Off Air Promotion.

He is our versatile man for all occasions.

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